Lion & Lionesses

You will find Lion Pictures and free Lion images on this webpage. Please make use f the images for school work or other non profit activities High resolution Lion picture images are available on request for commercial purposes. Please contact us by email.

The Lion King of the Beasts (Lion King), if you are lucky you will see Lion on your African safari. It’s always nice to take pictures of Lions in Africa, especially when they are hunting or feeding on a carcass. Most of the time you will see a Lion or pride of Lions on your safari. Sometimes the male Lion will have a pride of more tgan 20 females + cubs. Good places to see a large Lion pride is the Savute region in Chobe National Park Botswana.

Lion are dangerous, stay away from them if you are on footh with a walking safari. As they are the Nr. 1 predator in Africa it’s very easy to get killed by a angry Lion. Howver, most of the time they will run off as soon as they see or smell you.

Best National Park to see Lions in Botswana are Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. Also the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a nice place for taking a Lion picture. There you can find the rare blankmanned Kalahari Lion.

The National Geographic movies ‘Lions of Darkness‘ and ‘Eternal Enemies‘ (among others) made by Dereck en Beverly Joubert are filmed in the Savute area of the Chobe National Park.

General data:

Lion (Panthera leo)
Male Lion: total length 2,5-3,3 meter; tail 1,0 meter; shoulder height 1,2 meter; mass 150-225 kg.
Female Lion: : total length 2,3-2,7 meter; tail 1,0 meter; shoulder height 1,0 meter; mass 110-152 kg.

Interesting books about Lions:

My Pride and Joy by George Adamson

No life like George Adamson’s has been lived in Africa before, or ever will be again. When his wife Joy wrote about the lioness Elsa, in the book Born Free, the world was amazed. The story that George Adamson now tells is infinitely more astonishing, for his life among the plants and trees, the birds and animals of the African bush, where he still lives, has been one of excitement and often danger and, above all, of lions. In My Pride and Joy he writes spellbindingly of his adventures frequently eccentric, hilarious or hair rising and unprecedented familiarity with lions. After Elsa, he has gone on to release nearly thirty more lions and lionesses who have given birth to at least another forty in the wild. He has been attacked and mauled on several occasions; he had to shoot his favorite lion, Boy, a Scots Guard mascot who eventually turned man killer; he has trained lions for Born Free and other films, and he has fought for his animals to lead a free, wildlife on the African plains. George Adamson also gives a frank yet affectionate portrait of his marriage to Joy. When they met, he was a young adventurer turned Game Warden, she a vital, tempestuous, talented and penniless young artist who came to devote herself to Africa ‘s endangered wildlife. He movingly tells how, after she had earned both fame and a very large fortune, which she gave back to wild animals, she was brutally murdered. Their life together working with lions, cheetahs and leopards is, here,wonderfully, richly, movingly told.